Sample Pack - 5 types (100 grams)

Sample Pack - 5 types (100 grams)

  • $22.95

You will receive 5 types of kratom strains or blends, each is 20 grams for a total of 100 grams of our fresh kratom! You will get our Maeng Da Blend and Energy Blend, the others will be randomly selected, you will get one type of red, one green and one white/yellow, 20 grams each.   If you would like particular types just let us know in the 'notes' section of your order (you will see it at checkout), we will do our best to accomodate you, as long as we have the type you would like in stock :)

Maeng Da kratom Blend - 20 grams

Maeng Da Energy Blend - 20 grams

White Bali, White Horn, Yellow  Maeng Da, White Borneo  Maeng Da or White Indo - 20 grams

Red Thai  Maeng Da, Red Horn, Red Borneo Maeng Da, Red Bentuangie  Maeng Da, or Red Sumatra - 20 grams

Green Malay Maeng Da, Green Borneo Maeng Da, Green Horn or Green Indo  Maeng Da - 20 grams